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eStroke on Linux now available. Tested on Fedora

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3 year old Audrey learning to write Chinese using eStroke on iPhone

Mac OS X Intel version now available
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Stroke order is a very important component of Chinese writing. For a start, it aids in writing beautiful characters. Most importantly, it provides an order into what would otherwise be thousands and thousands of symbols with seemingly little structure. Therefore, the first and a very important step in mastering Chinese writing is learning the Stroke Order of Chinese Characters. Here is where eStroke can assist greatly.

eStroke has all the tools necessary for you to learn Chinese. In addition to showing the stroke order of every Chinese Character, eStroke also creates extremely high quality Stroke Sequence that can be pasted into your documents. Understanding Chinese passage is more than understanding each character. eStroke will annotates phrases in a Chinese text passage into English or German. This greatly helps you in understanding the whole text instead of each individual character.

Entering Pinyin or Zhuyin can present a great challenge without the necessary tools. eStroke do that easily for you, just enter any text passage and obtain pinyin or zhuyin as the result. There are many people who understand either Traditional or Simplified Chinese but not both. When you animate a character, eStroke will show you the corresponding Simplified or Traditional variants if there is one. Furthermore, eStroke can also translate between Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

eStroke can also create worksheets, export to animated gif and flash video and many more. Why not download a full feature evaluation version and find out for yourself how easy but powerful eStroke is.

eStrokeV2.0x Video

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