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Our Products
  • eStroke Animated Chinese Characters.
  • eCode Chinese Input Method.
  • eContour True Type Font Editor.
  • ecSlide Photos to DVD.


We are primarily a software house developing software for personal computers as well as for the Internet. Amongst our products are eStroke Animated Chinese Characters which are used throughout the world by teachers and students alike for Chinese Language education. It is also used by publishing house to publish books on Chinese Writings. It creates high quality sttroke sequence diagram in seconds what would otherwise takes hours using a paint package saving teachers precious time producing teaching aids.

eCode is a Chinese Input Method based on stroke order. The Numeric Keyboard is used to input strokes where each key represents a particular stroke. With a little familiarity, eCode provides a speadily way to retrieve the required character without having to look at the keyboard. Together with 2 wildcards key, one for matching any stroke and the other for any number of strokes, eCode provides an easy means to retrieve characters even if you only remembers partially how to write the character.

eContour is a true type font editor intended to supplement eCode for rarely used Chinese Characters that do not exist in Computerized font yet. It can be used to create any font. In fact eStroke uses it to create fonts for the Radical. Once a font is created, it can be tag using strokes or pinyin and retrieved via eCode.

ecSlide provides a very simple means of converting digital photographs to high quality DVD that can be viewed with a DVD player on your television set. ecSlide will sort your photographs based on date taken or name such that you do not have to order them yourself. It will also synchronize your photographs to the music so that the music is not cut off suddenly at the end of the show. ecSlide uses ffmpeg for DVD encoding so the encoding are very fast produces very good DVD viewing quality. You can also fit more than 1500 photos on he same DVD based on a 5s slide time and 2s transition times.